Friday, 18 May 2012

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Friday, 18 May 2012 03:14 pm
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Astro lab final: not as bad as I'd expected. I am (still) a complete idiot but I can at least manage to point a telescope at a thing and look at it. Also the weirdest thing happened that night - my mum dropped me off all angry about some other stuff going on, then when she picked me up was all fine and "hey I bought some ice cream you should eat some, also I bought an ice cream cake too". I did not understand at all.

But I ate the ice cream. Well, some of it. There is so much ice cream, I can't imagine how I'm supposed to eat it all.

Then I bossed through my French final like a boss yesterday, and kind of crashed when I got home. Today has been very aimless, although I crocheted a pencil case and am in the process of crocheting a bag, so hey. Also I feel kind of like death. I felt like death when I woke up, as well, and then felt less like death after eating some ice cream cake; I suspect I just need to stop forgetting to eat. (I do that a lot.) While that should properly involve eating an actual meal, it's more likely going to involve eating the fresh bag of popchips that I just noticed are in my room.

In more dragons! news, Loki had a kid with Thor and it's name is Fenrir. Loki and Thor proceeded to have more kids, and so did Thor and Fenrir, and they were all storm dragons like Fenrir so after they hatched I SOLD THEM like a horrible, horrible person who has no need for more storm dragons except as the 100k coins I get for selling them. I am actually trying for a sun (or moon) dragon but mostly all I get are storm dragons.

And one cactus dragon, from when I tried breeding Fenrir and Darcy. At first I was thinking "cacti are prickly, who's a prickly member of the Avengers" and had it narrowed down to Maria, Phil, or Nick, and had very nearly settled on Maria when I saw the cactus dragon's animation. After watching it for a few moments I couldn't bear to give it any of those three names, as I felt that would be very insulting to those names' bearers. I finally settled on Chocoboo, but just because I literally couldn't think of anything else.

(Also I have a poison dragon. I couldn't think of what to name it -  I already have a Natasha - and then I saw that it creates a deadly neurotoxin. So I named it GLaDOS.)

I am fairly certain that the Ami'Lya Pond item is a Doctor Who reference, but I don't know for sure. I guess it could also be a King Arthur reference (the lady Ami'Lya of the pond will, when the time is right, summon forth a great hero - although nobody knows who) but I don't even. I'm going with Doctor Who reference until I ever learn otherwise.


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