Thursday, 7 June 2012

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Thursday, 7 June 2012 12:57 pm
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Planned on updating Monday, have not updated. Funny how that works.

Lately I've been writing more Mass Effect stuff with my Shepards. I wanted to write a time-warp reunion with Cam and Thane, and ended up full of Shrios feels. ): So to try and get over those I started in on some Oliver&Olivia stuff, going about one mission at a time and swapping between the two of them. I'm not writing a whole lot - I spent maybe half an hour on it, last night, and am just before Virmire with a little under a page. It's definitely a lot of telling, instead of showing, but I find I don't actually care.

It's interesting to write, really. Not only do Oliver and Olivia handle situations differently, but for Oliver's side Olivia is actually there, the whole time; she's just not the protagonist. (Meanwhile, for Olivia, Oliver doesn't properly show up until about ME3, because their joint-posting on the SR1 didn't turn out and he couldn't join her in ME2 because he was still Alliance.) (Olivia doesn't have that problem in ME2 when it's Oliver who's dead, because she angrily resigns after his funeral and goes off to play Dark Knight of Omega with Garrus.)

And yet, despite all the differences, their stories end the same way. I don't mean all of ME3 is the same - but the last mission, in London, after Harbinger shows up - that's the same. Because it's both of them there and it doesn't matter which one of them is the Spectre; they're Shepards, and Shepards look out for their own.

Maybe I should make an Oliver&Olivia icon?


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