Wednesday, 13 June 2012

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Wednesday, 13 June 2012 03:57 pm
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Still have not updated. Yesterday I'd planned on doing something about it today, but then insomnia struck and I have since been awake for twenty-eight straight hours. ...well, twenty-six hours, with a two-hour nap about an hour ago. While the staying up all night part wasn't on purpose, the nap kind of was; I was falling asleep at the computer anyway. (I would have just made lunch, but the kitchen was in use, so I had to wait it out. That's probably why I fell asleep, actually...)

Anyway! Tumblr can attest to me having the worst ideas late at night/early in the morning - I'm pretty sure my ending-Persona theory occurred in those hours, and around three in the morning I decided that the ME3 ending bonanza is the way it is because it's an alternate version of Star Ocean 3, except without alteration/connection people, there's no awareness of the Eternal Sphere. (At the time I wasn't sure if it was a complete alternate version or perhaps a continuation: after the whole debacle that occurred, Luther scrapped the entire Milky Way server and replaced it with the roughly familiar Mass Effect world we know and love, complete with a built-in check on civilisations becoming too advanced - read: gaining self-awareness like Fayt and co. - in the form of the Reaper cycle.)

And then after I posted it I tried to sleep for like an hour, saw it was going nowhere, then said "fuck it" and went out and played some Star Ocean 3.

And then around ten in the morning - still on no sleep, mind, so the obviously amazing idea from seven hours before seemed absolutely fantastic - I started thinking about how to make it a proper fusion fic. Because, you know, clearly that is a thing that I need to do. I got to figuring out who would carry each power (Jack=Fayt, Miranda=Maria, Shepard=Sophia), that instead of being symbological research by a symbological researcher it's Cerberus experiments, and that I should probably use a dude!Shep in it so that basically means Oliver. (Yes, this is partly because I think a grumpy space wizard holding the power of connection is kind of funny, so long as nobody tries to dress him up like Sophia. That would be terrifying. Also, though, I like how it kind of mirrors the original group, so there.)

And then I ended up taking a two-hour nap. The whole idea looks slightly less intriguing on this side of waking up but I'm not sure if it's because I now think it's a bad idea or if it's because I had these weird-ass Final Fantasy X dreams. Who knows?


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