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Friday, 29 June 2012 11:40 pm
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Working on my Shepards study again; last time I'd stalled out around Virmire, and now I've stalled out around, uh, Ilos. Oops. I do have the start of ME2 written - well, I guess it's more of a bridge between the two. Well... it's what happens after the Normandy gets fried, which is technically the start of ME2, but it's got nothing to do with the corresponding Shepard; in fact, it's how the other Shepard reacts.

I think it says a lot about both of them that they will occasionally decide what to do by figuring out what the other one would do, and they always end up doing opposite things. (Well, I say always but so far it's only happened twice.) Like, Olivia kills that asari on Virmire because she thinks it's what Oliver would do, whereas Oliver spares her life because it's what he thinks Olivia would do. Similarly, when Olivia's dead Oliver keeps his mouth shut, stays with the Alliance, and does his damn job, whereas when he's dead, she yells at everybody, defects, and goes mercenary (with Garrus, so it's more like anti-mercenary, but still).

Writing these two is a lot of fun, even if it is occasionally a total pain, like when I don't remember much about the end progression of ME1 plot - for example, I completely forgot about meeting Sovereign on Virmire. I predict ME2 is going to be even more of a pain, because while I remember the plot a lot better, there's a lot more to it. I don't think ME2 is appreciably longer when playing it, but it definitely has a lot more missions than ME1 does. ME1's are a lot longer, though, and also if you're trying to do everything then there's a lot of Mako driving in your future. ME2, meanwhile, doesn't have all that many side-quests (although it does have a lot more DLC, which likes shoving the Hammerhead down your throat - I'm looking at you, Overlord, and your stupid lava-Frogger and dodging one-hit-KO geth beam cannon shots, the latter of which is literally the only reason I haven't finished Overlord because fuck the Hammerhead) so there's not as much padding.

Meanwhile ME3 has a ton of side-quests, but they all randomly pop up in your journal with fuck-all description as to how you're supposed to finish them because fuck you, completionists! (Also, for bonus fail, the wiki is also terribad with finishing ME3 side-quests - although part of that is probably because that was the week the game launched; there's probably more information available now.) I've only gone through it once, though, and I barely remember plot progression at all because I rushed through it in like a week and was too busy sobbing alternate tears of sorrow and rage the whole time.

Clearly I'm starting to get a bit sleep-deprived, as I've written and deleted two or three complete tangents from my main point, which was that writing Oliver and Olivia is fun even if it can be kind of annoying. Of course I should have been asleep two hours ago, so that probably isn't helping matters either... so I think I'll just be going to bed, now.


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