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Monday, 12 July 2010 02:54 pm
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And then I saw The Last Airbender. I had fun, mostly because I spent most of the time either laughing at the funny stuff Melissa said or saying funny stuff myself. Like how Azula should totally have a Southern Belle accent in the (not-going-to-exist) second film, because she totally sounded like she had one at the end of this one. And, "Punch a fish!" And, "Wait, how can Zhao recognise Zuko by just his lips?" "Stupid sexy Zuko." Things like that.

I find it's always best to go to films you aren't expecting much from with friends, because then you can mock them mercilessly, and that way you have fun. I can't do that with my mum, who I usually end up seeing films with.

Also, the dude working at the concession stand was not only an employee from the old cinema (there used to be two, but the nearer one closed last year) but also went to the same day-care as me when I was little, so I know him. It's always kind of weird seeing him.

I'm not sure if I should read more P3 playthrough, play more P3P, or just take a nap.

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Saturday, 10 July 2010 11:28 pm
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And lots more P3P! Well, that's what happens when you spend five hours playing it... I find that I tweet a lot when playing handheld games, but not so much when I play console games. P3P is no exception! This actually sums up what I did pretty well:

cut for edited tweets )
...or at least that gives a good idea of what goes through my head when I'm playing games, haha. It's three days before the June full moon, and I've got Fool, Magician, and Emperor s.links at level 3, Lovers at level 1, and Chariot and Hermit at level 5. I have 4 Personas: level 17 Pyro Jack, level 16 Principality, level 16 Oberon, and level 10 Archangel. The Archangel is fusion fodder once I find something decent enough to fuse it with. I've been having problems with that, this playthrough... Oh, and Saika's level 18, and Junpei, Yukari, and Akihiko are level 17. All in all, I think I'm doing pretty good right now!

Mum volunteered me to go see Eclipse with my brother's girlfriend, mostly because all my friends have already seen it and mum doesn't want to see it herself. I haven't seen a film with Sara in like two years, so it would probably be fun; it's just that it wouldn't be like seeing it with a friend. Of course, I only ever saw the first one with friends... Mum then tried apologising, but then I reminded her that she's going to see The Sorcerer's Apprentice with me whether she wants to or not. She promptly stopped apologising.

I think we're going to the farmers' market tomorrow, which should be fun. I'd like to get some corn on the cob, since we didn't last weekend.

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Friday, 9 July 2010 10:10 pm
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My fingers are all cramped up. /: I wonder why. ...oh wait, maybe this has something to do with it:

cuuuuut for big picture )

Well, at least I've got all the base colours down now. ...now I just have to do the shading. /: And of course I'm not going to just do cel shading, that would be easy. (Well, I do need to practice blending, anyway.) After I finish this, maybe then I'll be able to get the real picture I wanted to do drawn. At least I know what the characters look like now...! (And have a palette for them both, because I'm way too lazy to repic colours.)

Also, going to see The Last Airbender on... possibly Monday. Monday was the plan, but if Thomas gets back from camping soon enough then we might go later. If not, then just Melissa Monday, because Thomas is camping and won't get back until next Saturday. Though I have just offered myself to go see it twice, which means I'm probably crazy. We'll see what happens.

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Wednesday, 7 July 2010 10:58 pm
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One day of P3P later, I'm three hours in, level 7 (though I think Junpei and Yukari might be level 6 still), ten floors into Tartarus, and a member of the tennis club. I actually spent a lot more time playing Star Ocean: Second Evolution today than I did playing P3P, but that's mostly because I didn't pick up P3P until like five in the evening, while I had the entire rest of the day to play Star Ocean. (Yes, I did switch from one to two. Mostly because I found my Second Evolution guide after half an hour of moving boxes around, digging through boxes, finding several things that should not have been buries in boxes, and then moving all the boxes back... only to find the guide sitting in plain sight, where it had been the entire time. Started a Claude playthrough: Claude, Rena, Opera, and now Bowman; I'm going to pick up Welch next, then Leon and Ernest. You know. When I never eventually get back to it.)

I've decided that I'm going to go see The Next Airbender next week, but only - only! - if I can talk Melissa into going with me. (I'd try this week but I don't have any money, I spent it all on P3P. Okay, and preordering Birth By Sleep and the guide.) I imagine it won't be fun, and it won't be pretty, but if I go with Melissa at least we can sit in the back and snark it the entire time. That way, at least I won't be inclined to start yelling at the screen... or to storm out of the theatre and spend the hour and a half rest of the time left playing DDR. On a Supernova machine, no less, and as everyone knows, I hate Supernova machines.

Also, I started rereading Bloodhound. Crime-solving fantasy with a kick-ass female protagonist who hears dead people. Awesome. Too bad the last of the trilogy doesn't come out until next year. I kind of wish Tamora Pierce were a more prolific author, because even though she's got like twenty-five books out I've read every one of them like a million times, and the summaries of the books she plans on writing (through 2014) sound so interesting omg I wish she'd write faster. I totally want to read about Tris at Lightsbridge. I totally want to read about Numair's past. I totally want to read about Briar, Evvy, and Rosethorn in Yanjing. But I can't, because those books haven't been written yet. :C

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Tuesday, 6 July 2010 01:00 am
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Also, I was at my dad's for the fourth of July, watching Spike's Star Wars marathon. Which is all well and good, until you realise that the prequel trilogy took nine hours - that's almost three hours of commercials. (And at least half of them were fast food commercials; I was ridiculously craving fast food after all that, no lie.) But, hey, it was Star Wars, and that's pretty awesome.

Except for the part where the third film is stupidly dull. Naturally, I got bored - and after the last three hours of bad acting and bad special effects (half of the third film looked like the animated series - special effects in live action are not supposed to look like cartoons), who could blame me? But I had no notebook, and the nearest computer was on the other side of the house, far too far away from the TV to consider using - and far too slow, as well. So I used the only thing I had on hand to write anything down - my phone.

Initially I meant to log on to like LJ or something and save it as a private post until I could fix all the typos, because text boxes in my phone's browser really really hate things like making capitalisation work properly. And then I remembered that I can write stupidly long text messages on my phone - 2295 characters, or 15 texts, at one time - so I could just do that and save it as a draft. Which actually turned out to be a bad idea, for one reason: I text way faster than my phone can keep up. Normally this isn't a problem, because I never write really long texts, and usually I remember to slow down a little bit anyway (though I shouldn't have to, because I really don't text all that fast). So sometimes my phone misses a letter or two. Big deal; I can just go back and fix it. Except that I learned something that day.

The longer the text message, the slower the key recognition is.

I can compose a text that's up to fifteen actual messages in length. But by the time I get to seven or eight messages, if I actually want all my keystrokes to be recorded, I have to hit one key about every two seconds. Which, when you're trying to write something? Is stupidly slow. I ended up giving up right as it hit eight, I think, and went back to watching the film. /: (I actually totally forgot about it until just now.)

Also, The Sorcerer's Apprentice looks cool and I want to see it, even though my dad got all annoyed at "I just know they're going to put the mops in it and that stupid music too" and they did, but it still looks cool and magic and Arthurian legend even if it's just namedropping Merlin but I hope it's more than that and seriously, if the choice is between that and Eclipse, I'm so choosing that.

As an aside, my film choices this weekend were between Eclipse and The Last Airbender. I didn't go to the cinema this weekend. I'd rather save the money for P3P

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Saturday, 8 May 2010 11:18 pm
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Okay, so Iron Man 2? Was pretty awesome. Explosions! Witty one-liners! Impending death of the slow and painful variety! Tony Stark! What's not to like?

Admittedly, there was one particular subplot (okay, so it kind of drove the main plot, but it wasn't actually the main plot, so... it was a sub-plot) that was a little bit contrived, but it worked. And I'm not sure if science actually works that way, but Rule of Cool! It works.

Also, there is a scene after the credits. A lot of people never stay after the credits, so they don't see scenes after the credits. And admittedly this scene was nothing more than a sequel hook, but still. The thing in that scene is totally the buster sword and nothing will convince me otherwise (except for the sequel proving what it actually is, of course). Iron Man/Final Fantasy 7? This crossover needs to happen.

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Friday, 18 December 2009 10:41 am
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Christmas gifts are many and varied, and that's just from the troop. I really do think my favorite is the card that Melissa drew me. Josh, Ovan, and a metroid drinking tea together. <3! Party in first block, nobody ate the food I brought except for, you know, us. Second block I managed to actually beat somebody at Tin Pin! :D Unfortunately, I only won two out of five. ): Third block is somewhat of a kind of party; well, there's pizza, anyway. I probably actually ate more than I should have, because there's pizza next block, too. \: Seeing Avatar today! :D! In IMAX-3D, at that! :D! It'll be interesting to see how that pans out. (:


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