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Friday, 9 September 2011 06:19 am
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On Wednesday I was eating lunch with some of Hanekoma's friends. One of them looked vaguely familiar! (Actually two of them looked vaguely familiar, but as it turns out I don't think I've ever actually met her before.) She asked me what elementary school I went to and then told me her name. And I was like "I... vaguely remember knowing a person by that name! But I don't know if you're her."

This morning I find out she friended me on Facebook. She's the same person. I can't decide if that's cool or incredibly awkward.

Anyway, short day today, then I get to go to the doctor's to... Idk, prove that I actually still need the meds I'm on or something, since they won't renew my prescription until they see me, and then I get to go talk to the principal of my old elementary school, to ask her to fill out and submit a form for the Gold Award that I was fairly certain we still needed but that everybody was all "Oh no, it's totally fine, we don't need to worry" only to find out that actually yeah we do need to worry.

And then I can come home and sleep or play Mass Effect or whatever. I get weekend this week, and probably also next week, because "the board" has to approve our project before we can start working. So there's that.

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Wednesday, 7 September 2011 06:04 pm
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So earlier I started writing a post and then scrapped it, because I couldn't really remember what I wanted to write about. Then I remembered! That was five minutes ago, though, so I can't say exactly how similar this will be to what I actually meant it to be.

As it turns out, I actually did do some of the stuff on my to-do list: I had to ask Kay if she still had emails for the Gold Award (she didn't), I had to transcribe "stuff" (I did it), and I had to add quotes to my essay (I don't have the exact quotes but I know what they're about and where-ish they are). Of course, I haven't edited the essay, done my media log or any of my other homework, or worked on the map activities for the Gold Award, so... yeah.

I'm going to be so happy when this essay is done, you don't even know.

Of course, after that I get to work on earning scientology money, but at least that's doing stuff I actually like to do. (Sorry, Scientology money, Firefox insists it isn't spelled right if it isn't capitalised.) I actually wrote out some ideas yesterday, but I didn't have my sketchbook so I couldn't really thumbnail or sketch character concepts (I tried anyway, but it didn't really work) and then today I was going through my WIP file and found a different story that would work equally well if I finished it and polished it up a bit. Writing and drawing sci-fi/fantasy stuff for the win~! (I actually have a playlist that I think I'm going to end up listening to through all the work on this particular set of scholarships, because it fits the concepts oddly well... but I made the playlist like a month ago. I guess that means I like angsty concepts! I don't want to know what that says about me.)

If I ever have any free time ever again, anyway. The deadline for this quarter is the end of the month. Guess what else I have to do by the end of the month? Find my volunteer hours log Finish the Gold Award! :D (That smiley is sarcastic. I feel this needs to be pointed out.) So there's that.

Also, I found the library and the cafeteria. Additionally, yesterday morning I lost one of my favourite pens. This afternoon I found it... smashed to bits in the street. /: That was my favourite blue pen, too. (Actually I think it was my only blue pen... but I still really liked it.) I bought it and several of its friends five years ago. I have never seen them sold anywhere ever since. I now only have one of them, out of eight. That makes me very sad. ):

Finally, statistics class is a lot more fun with the Mass Effect soundtrack applied to it. :3

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Saturday, 14 May 2011 07:37 am
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Every day this week I have told myself, "I am going to go home and play Mass Effect." Every day, I have then proceeded to not do that. Today, I'm not telling myself that! Not because I don't want to, but because I know I won't have time - I'm working a garage sale this morning and I'll be home around two, and then I have to be at Pinky's and Shiki's mum's house by five, because that's where the limo for prom is picking us up. And I can't play after I get home from prom, because prom isn't over until about midnight, and there's an after party. So I probably won't be home until about two, at which point I will want to do nothing else but crash horribly.

I am going to make another music post on my tumblr when I get home the first time, though, partly because I did it last week and partly because I want to listen to some better dance music than what they'll play at prom. I know Mez has a playlist and that we're going to try and find somewhere outside to set that up so we can dance to our own music, but it's also supposed to rain, so that might not happen. And I have it on good authority that at least two-thirds of the DJ's playlist is "music you can grind to." Which really isn't what I'm into.

I will tell myself that I'll spend all of tomorrow (or whatever's left of it once I've woken up) playing Mass Effect. Because really, I haven't got anything else to do.

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Friday, 13 May 2011 06:05 am
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I learned, to my great horror, that my school has installed new internet filtering software. On the plus side, this means that teachers can now log in and circumvent the filtering instead of having to ask the students for working proxies. On the minus side, the filtering is stricter. Livejournal is now blocked because it has "unauthorised Friendship content". I do not know what Friendship content is, but the people who created the filter software must be very lonely if they think friendship is bad. Maybe they should watch My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic.

(I am not going to say any more on the subject of My Little Pony, by the way. Maybe I've watched it, maybe I haven't. Only my internet history will know the truth.)

I have a super busy weekend ahead of me and I kind of hate it, a little. Today after I get home I've got to make tons of brownies, and sort through clothes, and go to the store and buy Hot Dog Accessories, and then go over to Mez's house and price things. (But not any of the clothes, because they just go in a huge pile, "Four for a dollar!") Then tomorrow I get to go back to Mez's house around eight in the morning, work the garage sale until two (fortunately Pinky and I are on Hot Dog Duty, which involves... cooking hot dogs. And not helping random people who can't read price tags, because I hate doing that). Why until two? Because then I have to get ready for prom! :D (That is not a serious smiley. I am not serious about it.) I'm actually going this year, and I have to be at Shiki's mum's house by, like, five. It probably won't take me three hours to get ready but at least I have them. There's an after party back at Shiki's mum's house but we all know it'll consist of us falling asleep in her living room.

Moving on. I've been meaning to take my laptop to school, because there's only one class where I have serious things to do and I'm terminally bored in the other three. Except that I don't have a case for it! It didn't come with one and I don't have a bag big enough that isn't just too big in general. I went to Staples yesterday but couldn't find a case big enough. ): (I don't believe Staples's advertising slogan. I have never walked in there and found what I was looking for, that's not easy at all.) Yesterday I joked that the only thing I own big enough to fit my laptop is the box it came in!

This morning I found out that was a lie. The box my tablet came in fits it perfectly, with room for peripherals. So I guess I've found myself a tablet case! I can inflict the ridiculousness of Atropos on all my friends once more.

Anyway, I need to update some files and make breakfast time, so I'll end this here. Om nom nom chicken leftovers.


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