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Friday, 26 October 2012 11:35 am
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Tumblr's back up! The reaction was not as glorious as I thought. Fortunately I popped onto Facebook to complain, saw Amber had already complained, commented on her post, and then spent the next half-hour gushing over it with her. So that was nice.

I've strung my horns back onto their elastic, and I've ended up cutting off enough of it while doing so that I don't need to tie off more in order to get them to sit on my head properly. I probably will need to if I want the elastic to sit under my wig instead of under my chin, though. Of course, I can't test it out yet since my wig isn't here yet. I have been so super jumpy waiting for the fucking Fed-Ex truck to show up, I am not even kidding. Like, I got really excited earlier, but it turned out it was only just the gardeners (who honestly don't really do much at all, like I don't even know why we're still paying them. They blow stuff around our yard. That's it. Which is useful when, for example, we've had lots of wind and rain and so our redwood tree has decided to shed everywhere, but is far less useful at any other time). And then the house was making its creaky house noises and my aunt was scuttling about in her room, so I kept getting up and checking.

But no. My package is not here yet.

I did the stencil for my shirt, and started painting the Aries symbol on. The fabric paint I have is actually a lot brighter than I'd like... I've only put one coat on, and it looks kind of distressed, really; I like it, and I'm tempted to leave it more or less as it is. It also looks kind of sloppy, though... Well, maybe I only think it looks sloppy because I know it is; it might look fine to other people. I guess I'll find out later.

Yesterday I asked for candy requests in a comment, relating to how I was going to be dressing up; I didn't get any replies. Today I was smart and made an actual post about it, and so I'm actually getting requests now. I'll have to go out and buy candy later, but I'd already anticipated that.

I also need to clean up my nails; they're all lovely and dark red, but, uh... also really messy. So I need to go around with a Q-tip or a brush or something.

...and I need to finish Pinky's bag! Ugh ugh ugh ugh I should have it done by now ): I'm a bit further with it! But not... not enough. D:


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