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Tuesday, 10 April 2012 09:26 pm
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s-so I rule 63'd Olivia, tweaked the result a bit... and then popped him into ME2. and then tweaked it even more gdi how do face code work |: So now I'm playing Oliver Shepard. And making up backstory because why not!

Hannah Shepard had two children. Olivia, the younger of the two, is a soldier through and through. She's the Hero of Elysium, the perfect soldier, the media darling. Everyone loves her. Oliver, two years Olivia's senior, is a grumpy space wizard who wants to do the right thing except people are stupid and make it hard. ): He lost his crew on Akuze and he never quite recovered, but he's pretty good at faking it. He feels overshadowed by his younger sister, but he doesn't mind at all; he hates people anyway and she deserves it.

So, naturally, when it came time to choose the candidate for the First Human Spectre? It's Oliver who gets pulled.

...yeah, he doesn't like it either.

Both Shepards are on the Normandy, but despite his best arguments he's the one who ends up in charge of the ship and he's the one who ends up with Spectrehood. (He's the one who ends up defeating Sovereign... although he sacrifices the Council to do it. Oops. Well, it's not like he liked them very much anyway.) Suddenly it seems like the Alliance might have themselves a new poster-Shepard - for about a month. Then it's suddenly as if everything's swept under the carpet.

And then Mass Effect 2 begins, and Oliver Shepard dies. And that brings us to my current playthrough! :D Obviously the game doesn't account for two Shepards, nor does it allow for a whole lot of variety in 'new ME2 Shepard states' (in fact I ended up save editing my current Oliver save and... well, I hope it sticks. I won't find out until after Freedom's Progress, when I talk to TIM about my crew. If it worked, I should be able to ask about Kaidan instead of Ashley. I'm not playing that tonight, though.)

Part of me wants to start writing all this crap. Then, part of me doesn't - mostly because it's late and I'm tired. But they're all playing in my head so nicely! Ugh. I really didn't need this right now.

(o-obviously for the Olivia!protag version she's the, well, protagonist, but Oliver is still her grumpy space wizard older brother who solely survived Akuze and is all pissy with Cerberus and everything that's the same here, except that he won't have been on the SR-1 and he's not the First Human Spectre and all that.)


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