Friday, 13 April 2012

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Friday, 13 April 2012 07:37 pm
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Mass Effect 3 multiplayer is terrifying and I am mindnumbingly horrible at it, but despite being a lowly level 1 soldier teamed up with complete level 14 and 19 strangers, I survived my first match!

Well. We actually failed the objective during wave 10, but close enough. I also died like eight times, but at least my teammates were nice about it and revived me. I tried to repay the favour, but being level 1 and also really terrible at Mass Effect, it didn't exactly work out well and I actually spent the last minute of the match dead. At least I'm level 4 now, though! :D I think I could grow to like this whole multiplayer thing.

Also, the combined efforts of the Brandon Sanderson thread on Something Awful and my having read every Brandon Sanderson novel (except Elantris, but I'm working on it!) made me think that reading the Sword of Truth books and blogging about them might be a good idea.

...wait, no, who am I kidding? It's a terrible idea, but I think I might do it anyway. Since I'm out of good fantasy to read (almost out, anyway) I may as well read some mediocre fantasy. Although, calling the Sword of Truth series mediocre fantasy is, I think, an insult to actual mediocre fantasy novels, partly because Goodkind insists that his books aren't fantasy and partly because they're mindnumbingly terrible. I mean really, really bad.

So, naturally, I've read every single one of them. In this case it isn't actually my fault! My aunt gave me the first one when I was in fifth grade (presumably she knew nothing about it, or she might have realised the BDSM torture-porn section might not be entirely appropriate for ten-year-old me) and I had never been exposed to actual decent fantasy (or Atlas Shrugged) to know better, so I read them all.

Of course, that means I know exactly what I'm talking about when I say that they are quite possibly some of the worst books I've ever read, that nobody should ever have to read them, and that if I do read them and blog about it, I'll be doing the internet a public service. (Now, if I can just find digital copies so that I don't have to actually go looking for the ones I actually own - all of them - then we might be in business.)

...maybe I should hold off on finishing Elantris, after all, so that at least I'll have something good to read between travesties.


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