Friday, 6 July 2012

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I have since made Samuel (I last-named him Clements because I am lame), finished the clan hall (though I think I forgot to wallpaper the new additions), and merged everybody into one big happy Spinelli family.

The first thing story progression did was have them move out. I should have familyfunds their money lower so they couldn't, but I didn't think of it. /: (Also I forgot to change Volker's name to, uh, Volker. Oops. I'll do it later.)

Maria's had her first day at work, and also an opportunity to "gather intel", which she'll cash in sim-tomorrow. Fayt and Luther were both restless at not leaving the house, so I sent them to visit the Shepards... or just Oliver, since Olivia was at work (I should have realised; she's got the same job as Maria, so of course she'd have been at work). Luther and Oliver don't get along very well, Luther spent most his time staring out windows, and Fayt started telling a ghost story outside to... no one in particular, but that's okay, because Oliver walked in about halfway, sat down, and was riveted. He fucking loved Fayt's ghost story. They're on slightly better terms.

Sophia, meanwhile, sat down with a book and was happy as a clam. I'd meant to send her with Fayt, but she was perfectly content to read.

This sim-weekend I am re-tracking down where my clanners moved to (I had to go looking for them; I may not have to re-track them since I seem to have capped their location on the map, go me) and making Maria visit them like a boss. She may drag Sophia along with her.

Other happenings: Lynne and Volker both got jobs at the hospital (expected of Lynne, not so much from Volker, although it isn't terribly surprising), Chester's an athlete (unsurprising), and Atticus went the science route (fitting). I think Samuel may have gotten a job at city hall, but I don't remember and apparently didn't cap it, because I was too busy getting shots of Luther and Oliver arguing.


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