Wednesday, 18 July 2012

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Wednesday, 18 July 2012 02:29 pm
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Yesterday I had the terrifying experience of the cooling fan on my laptop ceasing to function, and nary a can of air in sight. Many things were suggested - my mum in particular, working late and unwilling to pick up a can of air on her way home, whenever that might have been, said a coworker suggested using a vacuum - and none of them really worked...

Okay, that sounds pretentious even to me. tl;dr: I took a vacuum cleaner (the hose attachment - I'm not an idiot) to the air vents and sucked out some stupidly large fuzzies, and later tried a blowdryer (suggested by my brother's girlfriend, on the cool setting - again, not an idiot) to no avail - the fan wouldn't even spin at all. Then finally I had the bright idea to try a bike pump, which we definitely have since my brother is, after all, a bike mechanic. He had a pressure attachment, too, and with that and a couple of minutes we got the fan working again. I'm still a bit concerned, so today I'm picking up a can of air and giving everything a thorough once-over again... later, when I get the chance.

More TalonRO antics - my archer is nearly a high enough job level that I can swap to hunter, which I await eagerly in the hope that it might give her more HP; most hunter builds forgo vitality entirely, which has the added bonus of keeping defence pretty low, too. I've been killing wolves outside of Payon, since they give eh ex and can't really kill my archer. With my knight, I'm finally a high enough level to party with Kay and Mams, which would be great except they're on vacation right now, so I couldn't play with them if I wanted to. Instead I'm killing myst cases in toy factory, because they give decent job xp and at least give better base xp than the orc ladies do.

The last half of that last sentence is a complete lie, in so far as that's not actually why I'm killing them; I'm doing it because their drops sell for kind of a lot. Or at least they would, if I could get a damn Chiqita box from one of them. Instead it's just cake and zargon with the occasional pearl - which, to be fair, is still nothing to sneeze at. Well, it is when there's nobody outside toy factory buying them; right now there's one guy buying Chiqita boxes (to be perfectly honest I think I'd rather open any I find) and one guy buying cake, only he's practically broke and can't actually buy the quantities he's purporting to. So I killed about a hundred myst cases and I've got nowhere to sell my loot.

I would go after mobsters, honestly, except I have shit gear and they'd brutally slaughter me. So I'm relegated to myst cases and shit xp until I work up the cash for better gear... and don't waste it on an incubus egg that I haven't even used. (I like my lunatic, okay, don't judge.)

...and my plans seem to have suddenly changed on me, so maybe I'll go swap pets then kill more myst cases or something, idk.


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