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Tuesday, 6 November 2012 10:16 am
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Last night I finally got all caught up again with my word count. Today's goal is 12k! I'm currently at 10.2k so there's still a ways to go, but what's probably going to happen is me going to campus early and holing up in the quiet study paradise I discovered yesterday with my notebook and my skullcrushers and just, well, writing for two or three hours.

Speaking of the quiet study paradise... So yesterday as Hanekoma and I were scaling the hill, I mentioned that the main reason I hadn't brought my laptop with me (besides the part where I'd have to carry it up all those goddamn stairs along with everything else I was already carrying) was that I didn't know where there were any power outlets in the library. I do dearly love my Atropos, but she is not portable because 1) she's a fatass like I am and 2) her batteries don't last very long. So while I can go a couple of hours on battery power (I think I can squeeze three hours at best, if I try) I need somewhere to plug my laptop in if I want to use it for longer than that.

Then he tells me there's a ton of space up on the fourth floor with outlets all along the walls under the windows. "Up the elevator?" I asked. "No," he replied, "up the stairs." The fourth floor of our library is in two halves; if you go up via elevator, there are classes, but if you take the stairs, then you're in what I thought was just bookland forever. Yesterday I went up those stairs, and I learned...

Well. I learned I'd been wrong. On either side of the staircase I saw quiet study cubicles. "This is great," I thought. But then, beyond the bookshelves, I saw an entire sea of quiet study cubicles. And hardly a soul in them! "This is perfect," I thought. And it was.

I didn't find any outlets, though. To be fair, I didn't have my laptop with me, so I didn't exactly look very hard. While I could bring my laptop with me today (especially since I think I can bum a ride off of somebody, and therefore don't have to walk to the bus stop) I'm also apparently the master of overworking wrists and ankles, and somehow managed to do so to my left wrist. It's mostly okay now but I'd like to make sure it stays that way, so less typing for me. (, she says as she types a relatively long blog post.)

A few days ago I discovered a new word processor. It's called Jarte and it only works on Windows but it's super simple and the word count is way more accurate than OpenOffice's and it's really quite lovely. It's also small and self-contained enough that you could run it off a flash drive if you wanted to. I'm not doing that, but you totally could. The only problem is it basically only reads and writes .rtf files; it's supposed to be able to handle .doc as well, but when I tried opening one it told me I was missing a plug-in. It was easy enough to just save my working file as an .rtf anyway, so I didn't really mind. Besides, basically every word processor ever can read them, so it's not like I'll have compatibility issues ever again. Because it's so small - both in size and also the window defaults to tiny; you wouldn't really want to full-screen it on something like 1600x900 anyway - it's probably better suited to netbooks, one of which I dearly want but do not have, but I don't have any complaints about it now. It's simple and it does what I need it to and it doesn't distract.

Also I guess it's election day or whatever. I voted three weeks ago, so I really don't give a flying fuck. Except if Romney wins. Then I will be a very unhappy seer of space. (I used to be a mage of doom, but then I got put on antidepressants. Now I'm a seer of space. I like this me a lot better.) But seriously, absentee/mail-in ballots are the best.

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Monday, 5 November 2012 08:09 am
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I wrote about eleven words, so now I'm at 6288. :D

I also wrote that stupid paper! It's only about five pages long, despite being a full ten paragraphs. In hindsight, I should probably have written more, but... Well, it gets better nearer the end, because that was when I started writing about things I actually sort of knew about. The quality probably then dips again around paragraph eight, which is where I picked it back up this morning... but, honestly, I don't really care. It's done! I have quotes in seven of ten paragraphs! I actually at least sort of know what I'm talking about! Which is kind of the entire point, really, so. (The best part is I did it all without reading a single word of the Fed/Anti-Fed essays, because everything I wanted to talk about was from stuff I'd already read. I didn't read very much Tocqueville in preparation, either! Although I did have to comb through about forty pages.)

I really hope he doesn't decide to collect the journals. I haven't done entries in three weeks. (He hasn't given a reading assignment in three weeks, either, since he sent it all out with the midterm information. Coincidence?)

Anyway, I got up earlier to finish that paper, so I have some free time now. I may as well try to catch up a bit on wordcount.

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So I got my stuff for English finished. And I made up missing wordcount from yesterday.

That's about it.

I still have to do today's 2k and also that ten-paragraph government midterm paper I've been putting off for weeks that's due tomorrow... and also at least some of the relevant reading, because I do believe I'm expected to quote shit. My wordcount is currently 6277 and I picked which of the two prompts I'm going to write and I have done absolutely nothing else because I'm a fucking loser!

Real college students procrastinate, kids.

I have at least been vaguely social in the form of making posts in the NaNo forums, so I guess there's that. I wouldn't have thought of posting last year at all - hell I wouldn't have thought of posting last month - so at least I've worked up the nerve to shout into the abyss. (Also Amber asked for photos of my Aradia costume and I linked her to the post I made and she reblogged it and said I was really cute! 0//////////0 That kind of made my day a little bit.)

So far, in the last 6k words, I've learned that Jacob eats a metric fuckton (this is probably going to be something mages in general do) and that he's being a little shithead and decided he didn't want to act like John, and furthermore that he didn't want to be the generic male protagonist, either! On the one hand, at least he's more interesting, but on the other hand... dude, you're going off-outline! Stop fucking up my plans!

He hasn't warmed up to Gareth as much as I thought he would. This is probably because he's neither your typical magical girl candidate nor (apparently) your generic male protagonist, and so just because Gareth saved his life doesn't mean he's going to hop to Gareth's quest and start the fucking plot like a good little protagonist. (It's also partly Gareth's fault for doing his best Kyubey impression, because Kyubey is a creepy little fucker. And if Jacob were supposed to be Madoka it might even work, but Gareth is supposed to be Kero in this analogy and that makes Jacob Sakura, which means he's supposed to decide to start collecting the magic plot devices already damn it.)

I've introduced another character, one who we won't be properly meeting until the end of the book, although she will pop in from time to time before then. (Actually I think she has three more appearances until the characters learn who she is.) And then I realised as I started writing the Jacob section after that that, uh, her bit should probably break up Jacob's morning routine and him actually being at school. Which would be fine, because I can just move it later, except... I have to actually get Jacob to school, first. And he's decided he'd rather wake up early and then bum around the kitchen drinking coffee with his dad. Put some fucking clothes on and get an Egg McMuffin or something, asshole! (Or even better, get some Breakfast Jacks. It's not like the Jack-in-the-Box isn't right next to your fucking school. I know it is, because you go to my old school!)

...Actually, he totally should get some Breakfast Jacks and also some bacon cheddar fries, because those things are delicious and he eats a metric fuckton and would therefore appreciate the calories anyway and oh shit I made myself hungry. I guess I'll go heat up some leftovers or something. (And cover them in shredded cheese because some genius bought some and then didn't put it on his shelf, so it's fair game.)

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Friday, 2 November 2012 10:56 pm
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And then I finally hit four thousand words! About fucking time. So I actually secretly got to what's pretty much the end of chapter two, oops. I'd hoped it might shake out a bit longer, but since chapter one is a monster comparatively I guess it evens out.

Writing eighteen-year-old boy is not quite what I'd expected. Mostly my characters just swear more than I usually have characters swear, but I felt Jacob's reactions were a bit off. And then he kind of started snapping and that felt about right, so I guess there's that.

I realised belatedly that there are not nearly the usual amount of awesome ladies in this story so far, or even very many ladies at all. And the ladies that are there aren't exactly... awesome. Leesha's first two lines are about how eating a lot makes you fat (and in her next appearance she points out that there are times you should question free pizza, although she certainly doesn't turn it down). Estrella is okay, although she doesn't have any dialogue and is in fact only discussed. Maddie doesn't even technically show up, she just gets talked about. And then there's the unnamed lady who attacks Jacob and is subdued by Gareth with... surprisingly little effort. I know the whole plot centres around two ladies being awesome (well, three ladies technically, although Amelia is an antagonist) but so far I feel very bad about the lack of non-awesome ladies.

(I actually felt so bad that I went so far as to decide that the unnamed lady knight who attacks Jacob for his source is named Cordelia, the mage who she works for is Emily, and that Emily is a painter and she wants to use the soulcatcher to cure her boyfriend's cancer so that they can get married and be happy together. ...Shit, writing that down makes me feel worse, since it isn't going to happen at all ever. Fuck.)

I decided Jacob had an older brother. I had to come up with a name for that older brother and nearly called him Dirk, except that it felt 1) obvious and 2) not very fitting. Then I almost considered renaming Jacob to John and calling his brother Dave, but hell if I was going to do that. His brother's name is David, though.

I also had to come up with a synopsis for the NaNoWriMo site, and it was... not a very good synopsis. Of course, I couldn't exactly write "it's kind of like a magical girl story - the Card Captor Sakura kind of magical girl, not the Sailor Moon kind - except the protagonist is an eighteen-year-old boy" as a synopsis, since that describes the plot a bit but doesn't actually tell you much. (Actually... swap sources for Clow Cards and Eileen for Clow and it actually kind of describes the plot a lot.) I have pretty much settled on the name Soulcatcher for both title and magical device, however. So there's that.

This actually really is a lot like a magical girl story, though. The protagonist finds a thing and doesn't know what it is, then learns it's a magic thing that has a magic guardian and he has to collect more of them to make a magic device work. There's a bad guy who wants to use the magic device for evil purposes and there's a rival who doesn't want the bad guy to use the magic device but doesn't want the protagonist to use it, either, and the protagonist and the rival end up having to work together to defeat the bad guy.

Now did I just describe Card Captor Sakura or Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha? Actually, I think I also just described Dragon Ball Z, too. It's kind of a general description, really. (Yeah okay it's not a perfect fit for any of them but I think I made my point.)

It's late, so I think I'm just going to check on my dragons and then go to sleep. And then despair writing another 2k words tomorrow amongst research on Emily Dickinson and all the reading I have to do for that ten-paragraph essay I have to write for my midterm. (Both of those things are due on Monday and I have not started either of them.)

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Friday, 2 November 2012 02:40 pm
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I ended up with 700 and change yesterday /: Which is okay, because so far today I'm at ~2350. So now I just need to write the other 1700! Or through to the end of chapter two, whichever I feel more like doing (spoilers: probably not the second one, considering I haven't even quite finished chapter one yet).

The only problem is that I forgot that writing about high school is fucking boring. Probably because high school itself - especially when you're a senior - is fucking boring. Jacob is well aware of that! This is probably why he sleeps through his government class. (Relatedly, he has a government class that he hates - like me right now - he's pretty eh about his English class - which I made Kay the teacher of - he doesn't like pre-cal - I hated it - and he's in journalism - which I also was my senior year. I know they say "write what you know"... of course, I'm really fucking lazy right now, so that's probably got more to do with it.)

Jacob wasn't even supposed to be in Journalism, but I needed an excuse for him to be kind of walking around and I realised belatedly that giving him a car, which I did yesterday without even really realising, meant he wouldn't be walking home, which was what he was supposed to be doing. So I thought and I thought, and I stuck him in journalism because I needed an elective, and then I thought "well I guess he can be their photographer, that should give him an excuse". So I've learned that he eats a lot, that he actually does have a few friends, and that he is a photographer. I also learned he's in AP English Lit! (Mostly because I think Kay would absolutely hate teaching regular English classes.)

If you know anything about me and/or my friends and/or the city I live in, it's really easy to see how lazy I've been with worldbuilding. Jacob basically lives in my city, he basically goes to my high school (actually he does go to my high school; it's got a common high school name so I didn't bother changing it), and some of his teachers are named after my friends. (Besides Kay, Jordan is the journalism teacher. I was going to make Marc a maths teacher but realised that Jacob's apathy in pre-cal was better served by an expy of my own pre-cal teacher.)

Also, Jacob very nearly ended up being Jacob Taylor. I was this close to just saying "yeah whatever fuck it" and making him Jacob Taylor. And then I was bored at the bus stop and actually looked up surnames and so now he is Jacob Linwood. I was much lazier with his friends and so besides two friends with normal-ish names (Tony and Leesha) he's got Anders and Desmond. Desmond is called Des all the time so it's not as obvious, but Anders is called Anders all the time, because his real name is Anderson (ooo stealth double reference) and he hates it!

I'm trying like hell to procrastinate because teenagers and high school are boring as shit but the NaNo site is being strangled by heavy traffic so there's not much else I can do.

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Thursday, 1 November 2012 05:06 pm
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My costume went down great! ♥ I may have had nearly twenty pins holding everything in place on my head, but it worked like a charm, and was mostly not uncomfortable. I had a bit of a headache by the end of the day, of course... But it wasn't that bad!

I just saw my anthropology prof posted our current grades online - the whole class, organised by id number. I got a 129. Out of 130. Which I'd call a resounding success! Although I didn't get the highest grade; somebody got .2 points more than me. I do have the highest overall grade in the class, though! And I don't even have an A! (I have an 89%, so a B. B+, if you're feeling charitable.) I had thought I was doing passably decent in anthropology, but it's a relief to know that I'm doing brilliantly despite the... not putting in as much effort as I could be. I have pretty much the highest grade in every category, but I completely forgot to reply to an e-mail so I'm down sixteen random points (replying got you eight; not replying lost eight); I'll ask the professor about it later tonight. ...Or I guess I could just eat the deduction; it should get a lot smaller by the time final grades go out, since there will be about twice as many points factored into the final percentage.

I started writing today, although I started late and so am pretty behind. I think I only have about 400 words so far. I'll probably work on it in class tonight, and when I get home, as well. I'd like to hit 2k by tonight... If I make every chapter 2k words, then I'd hit the goal before the end of the month. Of course, the prologue is only about 350, so there's that plan out the window. Other chapters should be a lot longer, though.

It's kind of weird; I breezed through the first day last year. Of course, I also spent more time writing on the first day last year, too, so there's that. Assuming I somehow magically end up less broke (or at least only about as broke as I am right now) I might go out to Starbucks or something tomorrow and write a bit. ...Or I might just sit at home and procrastinate; that works too. I kind of want to do all my writing this year by hand, since I have a convenient notebook for it and everything, but I'm not sure how productive I'll be doing that when I'm not at school with no other options. /: I guess we'll see.

Anyway, got to start getting ready for class now!

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Saturday, 27 October 2012 02:19 pm
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Did not learn the art of fake eyelashes. Compensated with lots and lots of eyeshadow instead. It worked out just fine. (Except that I forgot that horns are uncomfortable and wigs are itchy. Boo.) I have some issues to work out for Wednesday, but they shouldn't be much trouble.

In D&D last night, I was on a roll! :D I missed once pretty miserably, but after that, although my attack rolls were kind of shit (I rolled like 14, 13, and 13) I managed to hit the shit out of the goblins we were fighting. And by that I mean damage rolls of 7, 7, and 6, respectively.

On a weapon with a d6 for damage. Huzzah for adding your strength modifier to your damage rolls!

And then I bought a new mace so I can hit people for up to 1d8+1 of damage. So huzzah for that, too.

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Friday, 26 October 2012 12:57 pm
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Package finally arrived! :D My wig is pretty great, all long and curly and shit. Also the eyeshadow is a lot redder than the pink stuff I've been using... My first impression of the dark pink was that it was more of a Feferi colour than an Aradia colour. Now that I have the red I want to use (it's called "extreme apricot" but... it's red) and tested it next to that pink, I've only reaffirmed that belief.

I somehow managed to fuck up my nail varnish T: I applied a bit more and I'm waiting for it to dry before I go looking for my leggings to try and put this whole ensemble together. I'm still trying to get the false eyelashes to go on properly T: It's really really hard. On the plus side, I didn't get any more glue in my eyelashes /: And the paint on my shirt is about dry! So there's that, too.

...now if my nails were. ):

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Friday, 26 October 2012 11:35 am
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Tumblr's back up! The reaction was not as glorious as I thought. Fortunately I popped onto Facebook to complain, saw Amber had already complained, commented on her post, and then spent the next half-hour gushing over it with her. So that was nice.

I've strung my horns back onto their elastic, and I've ended up cutting off enough of it while doing so that I don't need to tie off more in order to get them to sit on my head properly. I probably will need to if I want the elastic to sit under my wig instead of under my chin, though. Of course, I can't test it out yet since my wig isn't here yet. I have been so super jumpy waiting for the fucking Fed-Ex truck to show up, I am not even kidding. Like, I got really excited earlier, but it turned out it was only just the gardeners (who honestly don't really do much at all, like I don't even know why we're still paying them. They blow stuff around our yard. That's it. Which is useful when, for example, we've had lots of wind and rain and so our redwood tree has decided to shed everywhere, but is far less useful at any other time). And then the house was making its creaky house noises and my aunt was scuttling about in her room, so I kept getting up and checking.

But no. My package is not here yet.

I did the stencil for my shirt, and started painting the Aries symbol on. The fabric paint I have is actually a lot brighter than I'd like... I've only put one coat on, and it looks kind of distressed, really; I like it, and I'm tempted to leave it more or less as it is. It also looks kind of sloppy, though... Well, maybe I only think it looks sloppy because I know it is; it might look fine to other people. I guess I'll find out later.

Yesterday I asked for candy requests in a comment, relating to how I was going to be dressing up; I didn't get any replies. Today I was smart and made an actual post about it, and so I'm actually getting requests now. I'll have to go out and buy candy later, but I'd already anticipated that.

I also need to clean up my nails; they're all lovely and dark red, but, uh... also really messy. So I need to go around with a Q-tip or a brush or something.

...and I need to finish Pinky's bag! Ugh ugh ugh ugh I should have it done by now ): I'm a bit further with it! But not... not enough. D:

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Friday, 26 October 2012 07:55 am
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ughhhh tumblr's down and i just want to see my dash's reaction to the latest homestuck update ):

Fedex had better deliver my freaking package today. I am going D&D tonight and I said I would dress up and bring candy and I can't exactly dress up without my wig and make-up now can I? |: That said, I am currently painting my nails (well I'm currently waiting for the first coat to dry, anyway) and after that's done I'll make up the stencil for my shirt and paint that.

And then I have to spend the rest of the day working on the bag Pinky is paying me for because, uh... well, I'm getting paid for it. And I've had enough time to have finished it, or would have if I had actually been working on it. Which I haven't. So, there's, uh... that.

Yesterday I tried to figure out the esoteric art of applying false eyelashes. It's hard. I get to figure that out more today, too /: I know where I was going wrong, at least. Still, picking glue out of your eyelashes is... not fun. At all.

I also need to eat at some point. I'd like to do it soon, except for the part where my nails are wet and all... hmm. Well, I'll eat eventually I guess.

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Wednesday, 24 October 2012 07:05 pm
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So I have a chapter-by-chapter outline for my story! Unless I can come up with another name for the thing I guess it's just going to be the Soulcatcher and I'm just going to call the story Soulcatcher. /: Anyway, I've got 24 chapters plus a prologue and epilogue, though I'll probably play around with it a bit since it's a little, uh, backloaded. (And by that I mean the epilogue contains stuff that should probably be a part of act three proper, but I'm not sure what I can cut and stuff.) I'm still looking forward to starting this!

Amazon finally fucking shipped my package omg it's supposed to show up on Friday which is good. I also went out and got the fake eyelashes I wanted... as well as some new nail polish (dark red and also black crackle even though there's literally no reason for me to be wearing black crackle polish over the red), a cosmetics sharpener, some eyeshadow applicators, and some eyelash adhesive. The eyelashes I bought have their own adhesive, but I wanted to have some in case they fell off or I wanted to wear them again or whatever.

I also bought some books! I got Cloud Atlas and The Perks of Being a Wallflower. I was kind of interested in seeing Cloud Atlas the film, so if I like the book then I might actually go do that.

It's so nice knowing that I don't...

Well. I was going to say that it was so nice knowing I don't have any homework for tomorrow! But that's not true, because my anthropology midterm is tomorrow night so I need to study. /: Ugh. And here I thought I got off lucky.
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This time nanowrimo upd8! And also proper capitalisation and punctuation.

So I've been working out more ideas; I've been fleshing out characters a bit and also adding backstory and worldbuilding depth. Probably I will copy out some of these things tomorrow (or at least sort of; my notes look a bit weird, really) but for now I'd like to get them down just as is.

lalala details details )

Maybe I'll work on this sometime tomorrow, between showering and potentially studying and researching and finishing my ballot. And stuff.

(Also, belatedly, I don't have a name for this story, and it kind of needs one. ...knowing me, I'll probably just call it Soulcatcher or whatever other name I end up coming up with for the magic thing.)

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ugh ugh ugh i really wanted to like damara because she's a megido i mean she's aradia's ancestor you know!? and at first i was all okay it's weird she talks in japanese but that's okay but uhhhhh girl your sprites are kinda creeping me out and then i translated the text dump and WHAT THE FUCK GIRL WHAT THE FUCK ARE YOU EVEN ON OH MY GOD

with a side of really, hussie, did we really need an omeagle troll?? ugh. although i guess it's not so much omeagle as /h/ or maybe /d/ i guess??? but it's still just like... jesus fuck i wanted to like her so bad but i can't, i just can't.

i don't even hate her like i do vriska, i really fucking hate vriska, i just... ughhhhhh

it makes me not look at meenah in such a good light either, i mean i was inclined to kind of like meenah (probably because she's mostly the pov character in these flash games really) but if what rufioh and aranea were going on about is true (and i mean isn't that kind of what aranea's whole purpose in these is, is to exposit at us?) then holy fuck meenah did you really have to do that

and i mean i guess it's also partly rufioh for fucking cheating but i mean holy shit damara did you really have to paralyse him from the neck down?!? i mean meenah probably deserved getting iced since she (apparently) played off damara's insecurity/jealousy while also pushing rufioh and horuss (was that his name? ugh i should double-check but i'm really fucking lazy) together (and probably did other shit too but jesus) so i'm definitely not complaining about that but...


i wonder if aradia's met damara, and what her reaction is/was and what she thinks of her. i really wonder.

moar aradia upd8

Monday, 22 October 2012 08:05 pm
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so i'm not actually using vriska's quirk for this even though there's an 8 up there in the title! actually i guess i'm using more like aradia's except she doesn't use much punctuation

i type a lot like this in chats to be honest but uh in a blog post you actually kind of need a bit of punctuation so that you can tell sentences and shit so there's that. also lack of apostrophes makes me very annoyed and sometimes you just really need a comma (says the girl who hasn't used a single comma in this post yet!)

several of my professors today (well okay i only had two today so both of them) asked if we were watching the presidential debate or the giants game tonight. "it's such a tough choice!" they said. no it's not a tough choice, everyone's watching the giants game! well at least i am. it's not like presidential debates are actually very useful anyway, it's all sound bites and whoever looks better on tv and none of that actually has much bearing on running a freaking country.

today was not a very nice day honestly, the weather was pretty shit. (oh snap a comma!) i mean i like the rain and all, but i like having a choice of whether or not to be in it! i did not have a choice this morning. fortunately it let up after a while. i wanted to get a hot chocolate while it was still drizzling out but the coffee cart's making-hot-drinks-machine was broken ): but on my way to government class it was working again! so i had a large hot chocolate and it was tasty :9 by that point i felt really bad though, and by the time i got off the bus (well by the time i got on the bus really) i wanted to drive an ice pick into my skull and also my uterus was trying to punch me in the face. which was not very fun! but then my mum was all "so you wanted to go into ross right?" and i was all "sigh yeah okay i did even though i feel like shit i guess it won't take very long" and it didn't take very long at all!

and also i found an aradia skirt!! so that was nice and awesome :D it's all long and swishy and comfy. so actually i first found a black one that looked about right except that it was black, and then my mum was "okay let's keep looking" and then we found a grey one that was the same! except for being grey and therefore perfect of course. (:

so now all i need to do is paint aries on my shirt and dig out my leggings to wear under my skirt and everything will be done! well except for the stuff that still hasn't shipped yet ugh ugh ugh why

the shipping status has actually changed on that stuff! it went from 'not yet shipped' to 'shipping soon'. what does shipping soon even mean?? it's like "oh yeah we still haven't shipped your shit yet but we're totally actually going to ship it don't worry" which is really not that reassuring considering i placed the order like an entire week ago and the other stuff i ordered at exactly the same time already showed up. T:<

also also also! my whole family votes by mail-in ballot and so i'm finally getting around to filling mine out. with the voter guide by my side of course, except that the thing i really really needed it for (well okay i needed it for everything since i actually don't know much about anything on the ballot but whatever) which was the propositions. i know there's information about them available but i have to look it up and of course my mum had the computer when i needed it ): and then she turned on the giants game so i'm watching that right now, so there's that.

i feel like i don't really want to vote for anyone who puts a url in their voter guide blurb but that doesn't really help when nearly everybody does it. at least there was only one person who took the opportunity to pimp their book, i was all, really? like, you're really doing that? ugh.

anyway my laptop battery's about to die but i'm still watching the game (ahahahaha home run fuck yeah) so i guess i'll cut this short so i can conserve power. i'm kind of rambling now anyway! maybe later i'll talk about the update <3

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Okay, okay. So this is what's happened. I managed to get a shirt for my Aradia outfit; I just have to make a stencil for the Aries symbol (which I am somehow consistently misspelling, ugh) and paint it on. Easy. I've just finished spraying clear coat onto my horns; I borrowed some from my brother and it's got this really nice satin finish and they look good. They're drying now. And the eyeliner I ordered came in the mail today.

Which is where my current problems begin.

So, first, in the time it took for the seller I bought it from to ship it and for it to get to my house, Amazon hasn't yet even shipped the rest of the order. And since we used free shipping... I don't expect to see it until Friday or later. (And later would be bad.) But, I mean, sometimes that's just life. Packages take a while to show up. I know how that works.

Secondly, and more importantly, I spent a whole lot of time looking up alternatives to red eyeliner, because red eyeliner is apparently hard to find. "Maybe I can just use lip liner, instead!" I thought. So I looked it up.

The internet is fairly adamant that no, you can't substitute lip liner for eyeliner. Or rather, you can if you really want to, but you probably shouldn't. (Well, the FDA says "no don't do it ever not ever" but most other places say it's more of a consistency issue than a "you'll poison your eyes" issue like the FDA says. Relatedly, their guide for eye makeup safety says that you shouldn't use lip liner on your eyes because it could contain ingredients that aren't eye-safe. And then proceeds to not make any kind of mention of what sorts of cosmetics ingredients aren't eye-safe. Because it's not like that would ever be useful information ever.)

There is a reason I'm making a big deal about lip liner. The reason is this: the product listing I ordered on Amazon listed it as eyeliner. The product I've received says "lip liner" right there on it.

This is annoying (false advertising, anyone?) but not as annoying as it could be. It is as annoying as it could be, but for a completely different reason: I cannot find, anywhere on the internet, a listing of what the fuck this lip liner has in it. I just want to know if it's eye-safe! But there's no ingredients listing on the lip liner and neither the brand nor the distributor seem to have a website, so the ingredient lists seem to be entirely unavailable. (So even though a bit of judicious googling has led me to some information about ingredients, it isn't any help since I don't know what's in the fucking lip-liner.)

Of course, YOLO and all, so I've put some on the inside of my elbow just to make sure I'm not allergic to it, and if nothing happens (disclaimer: I pretty much never do allergy tests ever and I don't think anything is going to happen) then I'll just fucking use it as eyeliner, I guess. (Ugh god it smears what the fuck.)

Third, although this is entirely unrelated to Amazon or shipping or make-up, how fucking hard is it to find a long grey skirt. Seriously, I thought red eye make-up was hard to find (spoilers: I guess it is) but goddamn I just need this skirt and then I am done and I cannot fucking find one. Actually that's a lie, I found one that would be absolutely perfect at a thrift store if not for the fact that 1) it was slightly too long for me and 2) it had this gigantic fucking slit up the front. So there was that.

I've literally checked everywhere I've gone in the past week that's sold clothes and nobody sells long fucking skirts. There are still a few places I can try (there's a couple of bargain stores at the Hub, and I need to go that way anyway for 1) the bus stop and 2) CVS, so I can pick up those fake eyelashes) but by this point I think I might have to just make the thing myself. Which I can totally do, you know, I've found plenty of easy patterns and I may hand-sew slow as shit and my stitches aren't the neatest ever but the end result is totally durable; the problem is that 1) it takes time to do and 2) fabric is not cheap. I want to use jersey fabric (might as well make a comfy skirt if I have to make a skirt, right?) but that's anywhere between $10 and $15 a yard, I'd need about 2 yards, and I am fucking broke right now.

Also my shirt might be a bit too low-cut, but AHAHAHAHAHA costume accuracy what's that, and anyway I was planning on wearing a long-sleeved shirt and leggings, both grey, under my clothes anyway, because it's at least supposed to be getting cold outside and this way I can pretend to be paying the vaguest amount of attention to the fact that trolls have grey skin. So there's that.

Which is a thing that I say a lot, I've noticed.

Also, I am nothing if not impatient so time to go put on some red eyeliner! YOLO and all that. (I actually don't like the phrase "yolo" but you'd never know it reading this post, would you?)

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Wednesday, 17 October 2012 06:58 am
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So, yesterday was kind of terrible, honestly. I didn't get anything done that I meant to, really; I spent the whole morning unable to concentrate, and then the whole afternoon feeling like complete shit. I don't know if it was the hot chocolate or the larger-than-normal amount of social interaction that made me feel more like a normal human being during and after biology class, but something did, so that I was only a little bit pissed off when my only pair of jeans decided to rip across the thigh as I got into the car.

Although that was probably actually good luck, as it set into motion a series of events that I was quite happy about... even if I did also have to spend $60 on jeans and only came out of it with two pairs.

So we went to Old Navy, my mum and I, having learned through years of awkward emotional breakdowns in department store dressing rooms that the jeans there fit me nicely, unlike those at basically everywhere else. (Unfortunately, while there I forgot that they probably also sold the exact shirt I needed. Oops.) Then there happened to be a conveniently placed Party City right across the parking lot from the Old Navy! So I wandered in and found the exact pair of horns I needed for an Aradia outfit. (I also picked up a wig cap, because I was there and they had them.) Then we skipped across the complex (and by skipped I mean drove) to Joanns, where although my mum couldn't find the coupon she thought she had with her I did manage to get the paints I needed for the horns and shirt.

I didn't have as much luck finding make-up; I ended up with a "vampiress" set that has lipstick which should work and black eyeshadow, if not red (it does have a dark pink-ish colour which isn't perfect but will work in a pinch). Of course, I also scoured through Amazon and found red eyeliner and eyeshadow, and then ordered them along with my wig, so there's that. The eyeshadow should show up sometime this week and the rest next week, which is just about perfect. So all I need now is a shirt and skirt, which I plan to shop for later this week (and maybe some socks, since she has kind of unique socks and I always need more socks; and also maybe some fake eyelashes, because I keep seeing a set that looks about right), and then to paint the horns (already started) and to put the Aries sign on the shirt.

In other words: the Aradia costume is absolutely 100% happening!

...but I still had a ton of work to do for today, none of which got done yesterday. Well, I say none, but I did actually start revising the essay last night, for, like, an hour, and I did get about halfway through. Then this morning I realised there were huge chunks that were irrelevant and that needed removed, so I took them out and realised I lost an entire page of length.

And then I pulled two pages out of my ass somehow, and so managed exactly four pages. Success!

I still have to do the fact sheet and bibliography for my government class, but that only needs to be about a page and I have some amount of research already completed from earlier weeks, so I should be able to do it in the three or so hours before class relatively easily (and, since I'll be on campus around eight-thirty, there should even be free computers in the library).

But wait! It gets better!

I figured part of my problem yesterday was the heat, since it is - for some ungodly reason - warming up again, and the forecasted temperatures for Thursday are in the 90s. Obviously I am not walking a mile and a half in that at all ever, so I figured I'd just cut class again (the last time I did this was for an entirely different reason, but it also happened to be over 90 degrees outside, so that proved a convenient excuse).

And then the professor comes in and says there's no class on Thursday.

I shouldn't be as excited about it, since I wasn't planning on showing up anyway, but that did work out kind of perfectly. So even though I didn't get any anthropology homework done yesterday, I have plenty of time to do it tomorrow - and to finish putting the base coat on my horns, as well. :D (Actually I might do that tonight, which is even better, because that means that I can start properly painting them tomorrow :DD)

So yeah. That was my Tuesday.

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Monday, 15 October 2012 09:15 pm
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I'm still working on DAHF/LT though. (Jesus, I need to come up with a better shortened name for this stupid thing.) Slowly. Very slowly. But I am still working on it. I may well rewrite most of what I have for the first half, since it's... very game-centric. Like, very game-centric. Like, I was following the script, more or less. Which is boring, as we all know, because if we wanted to read the script, we'd just play the game. Nobody's going to read Saika's story as a faithful novelization; that's not what's interesting about her story.

No, there are two interesting things about her story: that she already knows Pharos, and that she knows exactly when she's going to die. She doesn't know how or why, but she knows when. (It's going to make Shinji's s.link really interesting, haha.)

Somehow it seems that the story I'd prefer to write is Life in Technicolour, even though I got the idea for that one much later; on the one hand, it's more interesting because Saika doesn't know what's going on. On the other hand... well, I still want to write Death and All Her Friends.

Maybe I'm just antsy because I'm stuck at the beginning? I mean, the Welcoming Ceremony hasn't even happened yet. And the beginning is so boring...

I don't have a name for my NaNo story yet (although, to be fair, I don't have a name for most of the things in my NaNo story yet either; I ended up going with sources for the magical collection key things, but what they unlock is still called 'magic thing' in my notes. Or Eileen, but, uh... never mind.)

I wish I could just kick back and relax tomorrow, but I actually have kind of a lot of things to do. /:  This morning I wrote a fail!tastic essay that I get to revise/rewrite large sections of (and just plain write some of them), I have to do a fact sheet and bibliography for my government class paper (the bibliography is preliminary, but the fact sheet isn't supposed to be), and I have to do some of my anthropology homework, since there are two due this week thanks to the midterm next week (I'll do the other homework on Thursday as usual). I have to go out to my dad's tomorrow after class, so I won't have time to work on most, if any, of that in the evening, so I have to do it all in the morning before I leave. Add to that the fact that it's supposed to start getting warmer again this week... Yeah, I'm not looking forward to it.

If I get a chance to, I want to pick through the make-up at CVS tomorrow (spoilers: I don't think I'll get a chance to). My Aerith cosplay plans fell through, but I think I can do Aradia instead. I may or may not get a wig (I found a nice one for cheap, but I'm also broke and I don't think my mum wants to buy me a wig really) and I absolutely don't plan on doing grey troll make-up, but I should be able to get horns and the rest of it easily enough. As far as make-up goes, I would like to get lipstick, red and black eyeshadow, and red eyeliner... though I'll settle for just the first two, honestly. I can wear my normal eyeliner if I need to.

...Anyway, enough about all that. It's not terribly late but I am tired anyway, so it's bedtime for me now. z_z

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Saturday, 13 October 2012 06:38 am
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Earlier this year I decided I'd do Death and All Her Friends/Life In Technicolour for NaNoWriMo. It was a good idea and I felt good.

Then this morning my brain decided "lol nope here have an original idea" and so now I have an original idea that's actually kind of interesting and god damn it I wanted to write Persona fic this year! But this other idea is kind of cool, too, so I don't even know.

Probably I'll go with the original idea, unfortunately; it depends on how much outlining I can do in the next half a month. (I wasn't doing much outlining for the Persona fic, what with the game kind of being the outline and all. Which is a problem, because I was definitely going to change things around. P4 would be a lot different than P3, but there would still be, uh, changes.)

In other news, today I have to get bloodwork done. (Boo.) There was also something else, but I've forgotten what it was.

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Thursday, 11 October 2012 09:25 am
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I'm starting to feel a lot better now! :D I'm still tired, but I don't really care, so there's that. I am highly annoyed that I don't have any batteries, though, as I was going to finish act one today, except that my mouse is dead. T: I considered running to the store earlier but as I was doing stuff I realised the list of things I need just kept getting longer and longer, and I'm kind of short on cash right now, so... Instead, I'll stop by the drug store on my way to class, so I can pick up just batteries and maybe some M&Ms. (They sell both of those things at the bookstore on campus, too, but they'll be much cheaper at CVS.)

I think the meds are starting to work, since I've been in consistently higher spirits for the last two days. We'll see if it continues, I suppose. (Although, really it could have been a couple of different things... but I think the reason those things put me in such good moods was because I was already in a pretty good mood.) To be fair, a nice hot chocolate would put anyone in a pretty good mood, I think; I decided to treat myself with one before English class and it was quite lovely.

...So lovely, in fact, that I'm going to get myself another one before anthropology tonight and see if it improves that class any! (Speaking of anthropology, I have homework to do. ...well, I can put it off at least a little longer.)

I'm really not used to feeling like this, almost like I did back in high school. Has the last year really just been a huge downward spiral I'm only now coming out of? ...Well, if that's the case, then it's a good thing, I suppose.

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Monday, 8 October 2012 08:36 am
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ughhhhh I feel like crap

So the thing is, I went to the doctor's on Friday and after stuff happened, I got put on some new medication. I've been pretty much constantly nauseated ever since. |: Kind of drowsy, too, although the doctor said that should go away after about a week. I'm hoping the nausea does too, or at least that it's partly from the flu shot I got at the same time and so will at least abate a little. I eat little enough at school as it is, I don't need to be hungry and want to puke at the same time |:< On the other hand, they are normal side effects (I know, I looked it up) and I have only been on this for three days, now, so I'll have to tough it out and see what changes.

And in the meantime, I guess I'll just eat sparingly and plainly so as to not upset my stomach even more. I eat mostly plain foods anyway, so that shouldn't be a problem.

(I'm also supposed to avoid "caffeine spikes", which makes me very sad because, well, I like coffee. And other caffeinated beverages. I suppose it might not be so bad if I stick to tea instead of my beloved mochas... a can of tea is cheaper, anyway, and I'm pretty goddamn broke. Kind of not the point, though.)

In happier news, I'm still in act one of Dragon Age 2, but goddamn it I want to give Anders hugs and tea and kitty snuggles, and I just want to coo at Merrill. She's so fucking cute! I looked up the party banter between the two of them, and unfortunately it's mostly about spirits and blood magic, but there are least two conversations about cats and they are the best. They are the best. (Put Anders, Isabela, and Merrill in a room and it's almost like having Garrus and Tali around. I want to know what happens in the room those five are in.)

Anders seems to me like a man who really needs some kitty snuggles. I mean, how much of his arc in DA2 would even have happened if the new Warden commander hadn't made him give up Ser Pounce-a-lot? (Probably still most of it. I bet Justice isn't big on cats.) Similarly to the party banter, I found a ton of Anders's lines from Awakening about, uh, cats. It's pretty hilarious even if his voice actor is different. "Who's a good kitty?" d'aawwwwwwwwwwwwwwww

(i just really like cats, okay)

I don't have Dog and I don't know how you get Dog so I can't get any of Anders's dialogue with him (but it's all about cats, hahaha. "Be a real pet! Ignore me until you want something, then sit on my head!") which is a little sad-making. However, a little birdie (the wiki) told me that if you're besties with Anders, then at the end of act two you see him leaving out milk for the cats. Are there cats involved in it?! I don't know! I'll have to be besties with him and find out! :D (I'm romancing him on this first file anyway, so it's not like that's going to be hard. Mages are cool, templars and blood mages suck, and don't be a dick.)


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